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Emmar Research Company

Emmar Research Company is a specialised development management venture owned and managed under the Providential AktienMarkt Umbrella. Flagship restructure; Emmar Research Company is an in-house development management company in strategic Real Estate for structure infrastructure developments in Power Generation

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Providential AMC

Providential AMC is held fully by the Providential AKTIENMARKT. The Asset Management Company is dedicated to providing integrated solutions in creating bankable securities & underwriting for various sell & buy side potential 

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Owned by Providential AMC. The consolidated back office systems of the company providing and executing all global services & solutions under one roof. 

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Rainmaker Kapital

The Rainmaker Funds are domiciled in Luxembourg, Switzerland & Lichtenstein. Fully owned by Providential Aktien Markt. The Rainmaker Fund is a specialised bespoke active direct & passive direct investment house. Capitalised by global institutional investors; The Rainmaker Kapital; fully owned by the Providential Aktien Markt is specialised in global investments and development products

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