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Swiss Providential Trust



The Providential Banner is promoted and owned by Swiss Providential Trust AG. The Trust is an umbrella holding structure managing the interests of the Trustees and their family offices based on the ventures promoted under the Providential  banner globally. 

The SPT is not regulated and does not offer any form of advisory or services, solutions. The Company is registered under the laws of Switzerland and is not an SRO or Supervised or Regulated under any financial authorities. To know the details of the ventures that are regulated and owned under the SPT umbrella; please write to us at 


The Swiss Providential Trust AG is a holding Swiss Trust Company and owns and manages a range of businesses on behalf of the Family Offices of its Promoters and Trustees of the Swiss Trust Company. 

The SPT offers through its business ventures a range of solutions and investment management offerings. The SPT is not directly regulated under any financial authorities while all its venture offerings are under requisite regulatory formats. Please write to us at to know more. 

Swiss Providential Trust AG

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